Ohio CattleWomen Foundation Scholarships


Up to five $1,000 scholarships will be awarded annually to outstanding college student based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant must be the child of a beef producer or be directly engaged themselves in the production or promotion of beef.
  2. Parent and/or applicant must be a member of a local and/or state beef organization.
  3. Applicant and parents must be Ohio residents.
  4. Applicant must be currently in their junior or senior year of college in a four-year program when applying to be eligible to receive the scholarship. Priority will be given to applicants attending a school in Ohio.
  5. Applicant must be out of high school at least two years in order to apply for the OCW Scholarship.
  6. Applicant may receive the OCW Scholarship no more than two times.
  7. Applicant may be male or female.
  8. Applicant’s major may vary; however, preference will be given to a major in agriculture, specifically relating to beef.
  9. Applicant must be maintaining a 2.75 or higher grade point average

For more information call Patti Spengler at 740-472-5313. Return the completed application form including picture, letters of recommendation and transcript to the address below by December 15

Mail to address:
Patti Spengler
50389 Minder Road
Jerusalem, OH  43747

Applications Due : December 15, 2018



2017 Ohio CattleWomen Scholarship Recipients

The Ohio CattleWomen would like to congratulate the recipients of our 2017 scholarships. Each of these young people is an excellent leader and example to others. In recognition of their achievements they were awarded $1,000 scholarships to continue their education. The 2017 recipients are Brittany Conkey of Hicksville, Ohio; Nick Erf of Bellevue, Ohio and Jade Werner of Bellevue, Ohio. Nick and Jade joined us at the annual meeting to receive their scholarships.