You're Invited

    Plan to attend the 2017 Ohio CattleWomen’s Annual meeting at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in Lewis Center on January 21, our main meeting of the year. We will be discussing events for the upcoming year. It is a good chance to make your voice heard for the Ohio CattleWomen. The Ohio CattleWomen’s Association was organized in 1964. Since that time it has made a positive impact on the cattle industry and especially the youth in the cattle industry. The Ohio CattleWomen’s Association has been committed to providing scholarships for up to five applicants each year. Each scholarship of $1000 is offered to college juniors and seniors to help them pay for their college education. The Ohio CattleWomen’s Association also supports the 4-H and FFA programs in Ohio through the National 4-H Congress Fund and the Ohio FFA Foundation. The Ohio CattleWomen’s Association also helps sponsor the Ohio Beef Ambassador program in order to reach out to Ohioans about the importance of beef.

    We believe the strongest organizations honor the past, the present, and the future. We think that all parts can benefit all other parts. In 2014, we were able to celebrate our 50th anniversary as an organization. It was good to see many of the past members who helped start the organization and establish its course for the future. Recently we lost Erma Winegardner who was a past president of the organization. Also we noted the passing of Carl Holfinger, husband of Opal Holfinger, with a donation to Kindred Hospice. We have learned that some past members are in assisted living facilities and would probably like to hear from their CattleWomen friends. You can find some addresses later in this newsletter.

    The present is of course of great importance to us as an organization. We want to continue supporting the beef industry and the youth and to continue to provide a presence to represent the beef industry to the people of Ohio. The new officers will be inducted at the Annual Meeting. They are looking for input to know what direction the membership wishes to go. Come and express your ideas.

    From Our OCW President

    As I sit down to write my last article as the president of the Ohio CattleWomen (I will move to Past President at the annual meeting in January) there has been a report of stabbings at the campus of The Ohio State University! Prayers for everyone there!

    The year in review I would like to again thank everyone who helped set up, work and tear down the CattleWomen’s store at the Ohio Beef Expo and the Ohio State Fair. We had a lot of new items this year that I hope everyone liked. I would like to thank the ladies, their families, and friends that helped in the Cattlemen’s Stand in the Food Pavilion during the state fair. You did a great job! I would also like to thank everyone who helped with the Farm Science Review steak tent. It takes a lot of people to run it to make it successful! Thanks again to the Murray family for your time and use of your equipment.

    In June the CattleWomen had a summer meeting at Hord’s where we toured their beef operation and had a meeting in their new building on St. Rt. 98 Bucyrus, Ohio in Crawford County. After the tour we had lunch and a meeting. We will have a summer meeting next year (2017) in another part of Ohio! Look for updates in the spring.

    This year the 2016 Beef Ambassadors wrote an article for the CattleWomen’s page in the Cattlemen’s Magazine. Thank you Nick Erf, Samantha Norman, and McKenzie Chamberlain for the outstanding articles. The ambassadors did this so the membership would know what they have done to promote beef! They all did a wonderful job this year! Thank you again!

    The annual meeting for the Cattlemen and CattleWomen will be Saturday January 21 at the Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center. The CattleWomen will start with the 2017 Beef Ambassador contest at 9 am. The CattleWomen’s meeting will start at 2:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

  • If you have any questions about the next Beef Ambassador competition, please call Kathy at 419-492-2576 or